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At MagHed, we are dedicated to the art and science of model gliders. Our expertise ensures that each glide is a masterpiece, crafted for enthusiasts who seek perfection. Join us as we explore the skies with precision engineering and inspiring designs that push boundaries.

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Welcome to MagHed! We’re your go-to source for model gliders, inspiring enthusiasts with expert insights and top-notch designs. Let us elevate your flying experience.

Our Services

Explore our specialized services, from crafting model gliders to hosting glider competitions. Launch your passion with MagHed.

Model Glider Design

We design model gliders that soar with excellence and precision.

Glider Competitions

Organizing exciting glider competitions that test your flying skills.

Community Engagement

Connect with fellow enthusiasts through our vibrant community events.

Soar Higher with MagHed’s Model Glider Expertise

Welcome to MagHed, your destination for model gliders. Discover our in-depth guides, inspirational designs, and expert tips to elevate your model glider hobby. Explore our knowledge on aerodynamics, building techniques, and the latest in glider innovations to take your passion to new heights.