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Explore our specialized services, from glider design to aerial photography. Elevate your passion for model gliders with MagHed.

Glider Design

We create custom glider designs that reflect your unique vision and style.

Aerial Photography

Using the latest technology, we capture stunning aerial shots of your model gliders.

Community Engagement

Enhance your hobby with our active community engagement and support services.

Our Glider Impact

MagHed takes pride in presenting the numbers that demonstrate our achievements and the effectiveness of our model gliders. These figures reflect our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver outstanding results.


Unique Models

We have crafted over 250 unique model gliders that captivate enthusiasts and leave a lasting impression.


Flight Hours

Our model gliders have accumulated over 1,000 flight hours, showcasing their reliability and performance.


Aviation Enthusiasts

Our community of aviation enthusiasts has grown to over 5000 members across platforms.


Design Variations

Through meticulous design variations, we have successfully launched and perfected over 100 different glider models.

Innovative designs that truly set our model gliders apart. Exceptional craftsmanship!

Glider Designer

CEO of an Aviation Company

Soar with MagHed

At MagHed, we’re dedicated to taking your model gliders to the skies with our innovative and inspiring designs. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your passion into art.